Keep Your Mutes in One Place

Affordable and Functional Mute Holders

Are you one of the musicians who put their mutes on the ledge of their music stand? If so, you probably have experienced blocking your music or making it hard to turn pages. Bid these dilemmas goodbye and take advantage of the functional mute holders we offer at The Mute Caddy™ in Monterey Park, CA. All of our mute racks are specifically designed with you in mind before adding them to our collection, so you can rest assured that you get more than your money’s worth on each purchase.

The Mute Caddy™ makes a great holiday gift for the brass player in your family!

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The Mute Caddy™ Details and Amenities

  • Order yours in a variety of colors.

  • We can personalize your Mute Caddy™ by adding your name.

  • The Mute Caddy™ has received a patent from the United States Patent and Trademark Office.

  • *A few small components may be made in Japan or Mexico*

  • Limited quantities of the Mute Caddy are available now for the Ring and Artist models. Advance orders are being taken.

  • Institutional discounts, quantity discounts and student discounts (must present a valid and current student ID) are available.

  • Call for a price quote today! All models are limited and only 2 can be sold per person.

  • Checks should be made out to Steven Klein, with "The Mute Caddy" in the memo line of the check.

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